Monday, September 28, 2009

natural modern: tree project

So our theme for the house is natural modern. We want to blend elements of modern but not the all concrete steel modern, but a warmer modern. Also due to the lot style and "tree house" feel, we want to bring outside elements in. So we have to cut a few trees down to work with the house. One HUGE tree is a three pronged tree that is leaning so it will have to go but it is HUGE, i mean HUGE. So we wanted to do something cool instead of just have it hauled off. We would love some outdoor benches made and possibly even some cool side tables/short stools made out of it for outdoor or indoor use. Check out the pics. Anyone know anybody in NC that could do something like these pics from a big hunk of tree?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

case closed!

long awaited closing at 9am tomorrow. FINALLY. I am ready to get this thing rolling!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the day of cabinets....

WOW. 9am - 3pm. 2 cabinet distributors and 1 woodworker. I am pretty pumped because we are narrowing it down and have decided on the dark grey like before but with a woodgrain showing. We are going to do an oak (veneer) with a dark gray stain with a vertical grain, i think it is called a rift. So it is not the swirly wood grain look but a linear grain, similar to the picture. I AM PUMPED! Waiting on quotes from 3 people and i hope the little woodworking shop we visited works out. I am all about helping the local guy who is literally cutting our cabinets 20 miles from our house! Love it.