Tuesday, December 22, 2009

framing almost finished!

here is the current tour of the home! A little wet from the rain/snow we just got but here it is still!
Pic 1 is the living room on the right moving into the screen/glass porch on the left. That entire opening in between will be a glass door. Pic 2 is the view from our master currently :). The ceiling will be left vaulted with exposed beams..but not this exposed. Pic 3 is walking up the stair well from the basement to main floor. It juts out about a foot from the rest of the house elevation which is pretty awesome and makes for an open stairway with lots of light! Pic 4 is the
living room from view of kitchen. In between the seriously large windows will be the fireplace. Pic 5 is the screen porch. Below the railing will be tempered glass and above will be screen. What a view! This is shaping up to be one of my favorite rooms in the house. This view is from the living room and you can also enter on the left through the kitch/dining through a sliding glass door as well. Pic 6 is standing on the screen porch looking through the sliding glass opening into the kitch and dining. Dining extends out to right and kitchen extends left.
Enjoy! We are so excited as it gets closer to us being able to be in it and share it with others!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weighing in on Island Pendants...

Ok so we need a vote going on here.... I am looking at island pendants...keeping in mind my previous post or two ago that the random light by Moooi will be in the dining here are my pendant light choices for the kitchen island (which is 9 feet long, will probably hang 3 of them). Leave a comment with your vote!
1. Conic Pendant 83$ from Eurway. It is a knock off of the FLOS pendant which is over 300$ each!
2. Burst pendant 95$ from Eurway.
3. Ball pendant from One stop modern 125$. Also Robert sonneman globe pendants at ylighting for 100 which look similar
4. ET2 caps mini pendant 56$ allmodernlighting.com
5. Et2 mini pendant in white 46$ from allmodernlighting.com

Saturday, December 19, 2009

what a wall

So framing is almost totally done with the exception of the master bathroom and one wall on the 3rd floor and the stair bump out (seen here). It looks ginormous to me! The only room that seems small to me so far is the playroom but that's ok. Snow has now fallen on the house and J spent the day today renting a chainsaw and cutting down half fallen trees in the back. Saved a whopping 1000$ we were quoted and just spent 50 on the rental of the chainsaw. Hopefully this thing will be roofed in a little after Christmas! The next challenge will be pouring concrete over the garage for the floor of the screened/glassed in porch on the main floor. Our builder is up for it so we are moving forward, it is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see a roof and some drywall and siding on this bad boy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

a framing we will go...

FINALLY! Walls are up in the basement and framed in and the first floor/main floor is framed as well! It passed the flooring inspection for the floor over the basement and the playroom/kitch/living/dining is all framed (or lack there of). It is so open which is nice. Not a lot of interior walls on the main floor which i love. I learned a lot of things about the house now that it is actually 3D or 4D or whatever you call it now. THE WINDOWS ARE HUGE! Which is great... The playroom is not as big as it was in my imagination but they don't need a lot of space. The living room is wayyy bigger than I imagined and the Kitchen Dining is going to be my favorite place in the house for sure. Pretty pumped about the mudroom too. The screened in porch is going to be awesome. Hopefully the 2nd floor (3rd sort of if you count the basement) Will be going up tomorrow or Wednesday. This is the first week in 3 months that we have no forecast of rain for the weekdays. I don't have pics of the 2nd floor yet so I'll post soon. There were so many workers around today and i am sure they think i am Loco with my huge camera out there all the time, so I will wait until theyre gone today ;)
So pumped this thing is taking shape!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

light decisions still in process....

so i think we have decided to do 4 inch cans instead of six. The six inch ones jump off the ceiling a little too much for us.... I LOVE this Moooi Random light in white for over our dining room table. I think it is very "modern natural" ish and a conversation piece for sure. I think it won't distract from the glass wall behind it and the view, so it would look awesome i think! I've included a pic of the dining room table I will get from Crate and Barrel (the Big Sur) but I would love to find a woodworker in the area to make something like this, so if you know anyone in NC let me know! Otherwise I'll suck it up and not buy locally...