Wednesday, April 28, 2010

living room furniture decisions to come...

still deciding but leaning toward these so far...
1. The delaney sectional from crate and barrel in graphite
2. The tracy recliner chairs from crate and barrel in orange fabric
3. The orange branch pillow from a designer on
4. The solid pillow with buttons from west elm and the orange side table in the picture
5. The natural stump side table from west elm

Interior Trim and modern trinkets...

There is a lot of interior trim in this house! The boxes have gone in and the shiplap siding is finished on the columns, stairway and fireplace and its looking good! I am just hoping meditative blue from Sherwin williams is going to look good over it! I am pretty pumped about these boxes, which is surprising because we are not trinket people.  So i am starting my brain on what is going to go in them.
Here are two things that we have so far to go in them :)
Love the bird from J and I call each other bird so this one has a sentimental meaning. The orange and blue vases from crate and barrel will be some colors we will be accenting with, mostly orange...


Thursday, April 22, 2010

exterior colors in place

Here is the backside of the house. They are finishing up painting the exterior (repose gray and grizzle grey sherwin williams). I am so excited with how it turned out, I had my doubts but it looks awesome! Today they are finishing up tile and the deck is getting some interesting touches to the bottom of it! Is it time to move in yet? :(

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playroom Planning...

So I am not miss interior decorator, but I do my best with what I have! Here are some of our items going in the playroom....
1. The IKEA lusy rugs. 40$. Deciding between these two.I love Ikea.
2. The carolina Craft Table from Pottery barn kids. A Christmas gift from Mimi!
3. The cameron storage system from PBK as well..
The room will be gray (Online from sherwin williams) and I am thinking orange curtains or maybe the blue in the rug. I may not need curtains...we shall see. Hopefully it turns out well!

Tile going in! Plus garage door and kitchen updated.

Tile is going in this week, it is looking good! Better than i imagined. The first picture is what the kids bathrooms look like. White subway tile with gray glass mosaic border.  They have gray "wood look" tiles on the floor. The next picture is the dusty laundry room.  Not the best picture because there is dust all over the place but you get the idea. Third picture is our master bath. The rocks are more of a statement than I thought they would be...ha but they look good. I think theyll blend in more once they're grouted.  The next two pictures are of the kitchen. From the first i was standing in the dining and the second kitchen pic i was standing at the entry to the kitchen outside of the living room. They grey cabinets look amazing! Exactly how we hoped they wood. Bo Taylor woodworking (a local shop here in raleigh) did an amazing job (on the bathroom cabs and office cabs too!). Lastly the garage door just arrived yesterday. I haven't seen it yet, J just texted me this pic today, but it looks pretty good i think! I hope it looks good with the overall feel of the house! 2 more months and we will be in! This apartment living is quite cozy so we will really appreciate this house after this! So so thankful for the blessing of this home!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Modern Shed-Just dreaming out loud....

So this is not in the budget but I would LOVE to get this down the road. When we started out on this project and saw the forest on the property, my immediate thought was tree house for the kids.  Modern shed has made this awesome playroom for the outdoors for kids. What a fun area! Definitely not doable for us for now, but pretty incredible. Plus this may help my anal tendencies of keeping the indoor playroom perfectly neat... but probably not.

Riverwood Mantle with a story...

So i was looking for reclaimed beams online to buy for the mantle and came across  They harvest wood that had been dumped in the cape fear river almost a century ago. I know this is a little more "rustic" but we are going with a natural modern theme and i think this is an awesome piece that is really a piece of history. We are going to go see them when we head to the beach next month. I hope it works out because i think it is amazing!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Here are a few of my favorite things so far about the house...
1. An exterior door in a spare bedroom.  I know for me, there have been times when people have let J and I stay at their house and saved us lots of money or really helped us out in time of need. This was one of our specifications if we were going to build a house.  It doesnt make sense to build a house if we can't share it.  Plus, have you ever been a guest and its that awkward moment of should you go into the kitchen or not get home too late? We wanted to make this house a comfortable place for people to stay...a while if they need to. So we solved that problem with an exterior door to the basement and a little kitchenette down there as well. That was our ultimate vision for this house was how we can share it with others.
2. the deck- I am so excited about this deck! I love sitting out on the deck, grilling out, and having people over. It is such a great view of the woods as well. I can't wait to cook and entertain out there!
3.The shower- this is definitely J's favorite thing. Two shower heads and two body sprays. Hopefully it will make me enjoy showers even more!
4. A built in bookcase and built in file drawers in office- Our "office" has always been in several different locations in previous houses. We have our huge file box out in the garage, we have our bills in an organizer on the counter, we have our books in the guest room on shelves, and we have our computer under the couch- yep. I am so excited about having a place where it will all be together! I think it will make me more productive and organized...may be wishful thinking!
5. The Le Mans- I cant tell you how many times i have caught my hand or finger in those lazy suzan things in the awkward corner cabinets. Praise the Lord for no weird corner cabinet, and for easy pull out trays in the shape of a race track somewhere...i think it is what grabbed J's attention! Lots of storage and way more can fit and be accessed than in the regular ones!
6. All of the siding inside of the house! I love texture in houses and I am so pumped about all the wood on the walls in the home. This will be painted Meditative blue (a steel blue/gray) by Sherwin williams. It is at the entry, stairwells, hearth, and columns in living room. 
7. The colors- I am hoping i am going to love it when its on all the walls instead of just in little squares! It makes me a little nervous and excited though! Online gray for walls, site white for trim/ceilings, meditative blue for wood walls and master, and orange for a front door that will pop and a barn door inside.