Tuesday, November 10, 2009

fixture decisions

AHH it makes me nervous that we have started deciding things! We went to the plumber today and selected our fixtures. Here is what we came away with
Moen 6100 Level for the sinks (which we will attach to a basin). Toto dual flush Aquia with soft close feature and with removable lid and seat (WOW) for easy cleaning! Only 300$ which was surprising! We went with the Danze Parma commercial looking faucet for the kitchen sink with the pull down handle which i am so pumped about! It was also under 300$. We went with the Artisan sink basin shown here in the chef pro series, undermount with a single HUGE basin, 30x17 i believe which was WAY cheaper almost 1/3 cheaper than going with the awesome Blanco sink which is basically identical. For our master shower we got a 7" rainhead ceiling mount and a handheld showerhead on a bar that can double as a body spray if you lower the bar. I don't remember the manufacturer of those. It is coming together and I hope all of our selections work together! Doing a fiberglass basin and standard faucet in the laundry and just a single basin and standard faucet in the basement. It is scary making these final decisions but lots of fun. Our 3 year old did great in the 3 hour meeting and thanks be to the iPhone with movies and games that kept her happy as could be!

Friday, November 6, 2009

here we go

SO the forms are off and the concrete is looking goooood on the basement walls which is good because they will be exposed! The door that the bulldozer is in front of, I didnt realize how huge it is until you see the opening for it! 8 feet of a glass door is going to be nice! I know the garage is going to turn out cool but I just learned how it works (didn't i tell you plans make no sense to me?) There is an overhang which is what the rectangular opening to the right is but that is not where the garage door will go, it is set back a few feet! I had no idea, but i am pumped to see how it turns out. We are going to put some recessed lighting in between the opening and the garage door so that will look cool.
Hmm... i am ready for framing :)