Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Builder Pics

Here are some pics the builder's photographer took...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Photo Tour

So the house isnt completely finished decorating and what not but here is an initial tour! More pics of missing rooms to come....
here is the entrance. Welcome to our house! The grey door is the front door (the exterior side of it is orange) and this large orange barn door closes off the mess that the playroom turns into...

Here is the playroom thus far. I am holding out for losing that black storage unit and buying a white one with multiple cabinets/cubbies. 

The next thing you come to after the playroom is the living room. We still have 2 more curtain rods to hang on the left back but its coming together. Need some art in there on the wall to the right but not sure what yet! The two orange chairs are recliners and are heavenly :) The screen porch is the huge glass doors to the left and is a favorite outdoor playroom currently since there is no furniture in there.

Carrying on down the hall you get to the kitchen (in this pic you can still see the front door). This pic is taken standing in the dining and looking back. I am loving spreading out and cooking in this kitchen!

Here is the view coming in from the living room. To the right is another entrance to the screen porch.

Going upstairs you hit the master bedroom. My fave part may be the floor mirror from IKEA (mongstad 79$:) Need some ideas of what to put over our bed...

Head on view of master

Master closet. Straight ahead is the vanity so all of my make up is out of john's way in the bathroom. Haha. Also a great addition is the "grundtal" towel bar from ikea for 4.99$ and i have all my necklaces hanging tangle free on it...love it!

The bookshelves on the left actually are the top of the stairs. So this loft office is open to the stairwell below. Its nice to have bills, computers, calendars, wires, files, books, all in one place!

Reese's room is to the right of the office if you are looking at it. She loves it! 

Wheelers room is a work in progress. I have his big boy bedding and it'll be all done up once he gets in that. Its a bike them with grey, brown, lime green and orange. I have wheels to hang on the walls and we may paint a center stripe orange around his room. Don't know yet! For now his room is just a crib, rocker and train table and he loves the wide open space. he gets the biggest upgrade from a 4x3 closet with no windows ;)

More pics to come!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Get your suit on!

Jump on in! The pool is finished! On the last pic you can see the hot tub (left rectangle) and sun ledge (far right semi circle). Its done! Just waiting on the firepit to be finished up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

its official

the numbers are on..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Landscaping insanity

John and our dear friend Thomas and his Brother in law and some sweet amigos John befriended at a gas station have been working overtime! I would say at least 50 hours has gone into this "budget saving" landscaping idea.  DIYers we are not we have learned.  John has been working all day then heading to the house or working at the house all day then heading to work for too many days! But mulch is in, rocks are in place, stone path is created, japanese maple in place, pine straw and hay layed, shrubs, dranes, etc. These guys are awesome! See below the stone path! I was impressed with those boys! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

odds and ends

The glass is on! Its hard to see in this picture but up top is screens and below is glass. 

Storage galore! I have no idea what I am going to put in all of these boxes. But they are painted and touched up. In this pic I am standing at the fireplace. The screen porch is directly to the right the kitchen to the back right and the playroom and front door to the left. 

Mirrors are in with a J molding i think is what they called it. they basically trimmed it with stainless steel if i understand correctly. 

The hardwoods are sanded and sealed, white oak matte finish. Just need a good sweep down and mop. This is the playroom.

This is the master. Carpet is in and due for a good cleaning! 

Driveway is finished! They still have to put some more wood slats on the stairwell now that the final grade is in.

Here is what is left:
Telephone/Power pole needs to be taken down and line buried outside, finishing up a fence on the backside of the property, stain deck/wood stairs, Deep Cleaning, Pool needs water, firepit going in, Paint touch up and punch list! At some point John will finish the mulch, shrubs, etc!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Concrete Jungle

The long awaited, long delayed driveway is going in today! I was thinking the rain would delay us yet again, but NOPE! They are working in the rain! Who knew you could pour concrete in the rain but apparently so! Here is a pic standing at the front door and checking out the action! The kids were so pumped about the concrete trucks!
The microwave is in the basement kitchennette, just waiting on the mini fridge for the bottom right.
And the glass is going the the lower panel area on the screen porch! Hopefully it will finish up today! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Up to code...

We are almost finally up to code and about to get our CO! Fence is finishing up around pool, all railings are in, and gutters went on today. Last part of fence goes in monday as well as the long awaited driveway! Woo hoo! August 30 final move in date!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

30 days out!

i believe we are finally 30 days out! Some pool/landscaping delayed the driveway pour which delays getting the Certificate of Occupancy (CO). But now we are back on go. The kitchen cabinets are all in and the pool only lacks the spray on coating. The rock wall is finished. John and a dear friend worked tirelessly on the grading, digging trenches, french drains, boulder placement, rock steps, etc. It saved us at least 10-15,000! Our landscaper friend told us he would typically charge 20,000$ for the job they did, and we squeaked out with just wholesale cost for trees/rocks. We owe him big! Our apartment is brimming with little things we need in order to move in... shower curtains, mats, curtain rods, curtains, rugs, etc. cant wait!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Orange you glad you're here?

Welcome to our orange front door! It is a little bit different but I love it! Very non-traditional which would fit with us! It is "raucous orange" by sherwin williams and has a little reddish tint to it.  These two colors in both pics are the same color, just the indoor and outdoor lighting on my phone turned them out differently. But the barn doors in the playroom and main entry are both orange as well as the front door. Its bold but i am loving it! It goes great with the greys in the house.
A funny tidbit from psychology today on colors "Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth."
Perfect....just what we are going for!

Kitchen finishes

These are bad pics from my phone, a little blurry, but cabinet faces and pulls are going on! They are a grey stain over rift oak. I am so happy with how they turned out! The left picture is where the fridge will go. The pulls are haefla little recessed pulls. The pic on the right is basically a continuation of the first picture headed into the dining room.  This will serve as extra cabinetry and a buffet area for serving (to the right of this is the door to the deck/grill).

what a deal!

So i waited in line memorial day weekend for not only the 800$ off sale on the samsung steam washer dryer, but also for the 100$ energy star rebate, free delivery, and extra 10% off! We got them basically buy one get one free!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bumped back...

well we got bumped out another 4 or 5 weeks.  The pool guy isn't quite hitting the deadlines he said he would which has delayed driveway and fencing which has delayed final permits so they can start cleaning and punch lists. Bummer. But we will be in soon enough!!
Here are some updated pics...
1. Carpet is in, door knobs are on, alarm system is installed, mirrors are in, shower door is in. Its looking good in there!
2. as you can see in the distance (master closet) the door knobs are on!
3. J and a good friend who is an awesome landscaper worked tirelessly last week for 3 days putting in 10 trees (at cost yay) in the side yard. The rocks are what was broken up from under the foundation of the house. Bobcats, blisters, augers, and a little sweat equity goes a long way!
4. Pool concrete decking is being poured tomorrow so we can finally get things moving some more!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lights, appliances, paint... oh my!

 The lights are in and appliances (all but fridge) are in as well. We may end up having the pendant lights moved, they are more over the sink than the bar, but we will see what that damage would be if so! Otherwise, i think they'll be fine where they are!

 Barn doors are in the playroom. Yet to be painted orange though.. but looking awesome! Our architect and door guy did awesome creating a divot at the bottom of the door so it wont smash the baseboard or hit the wall.  Good move with two little ones in there!Fans and can lights are in. We went with no light on the fan and 4 inch cans (also called 3 1/2's apparently) instead of the standard 6. I think due to our aversion to overhead lighting and not a huge need for it in this room as you can see! 
The railings looks better than i had hoped! They are painted steel, a dark grey (cyberspace Sherwin williams) to match the interior doors. 

Still dusty but the shower heads are in. J went a little overboard with the two back sprayers and two rain heads but after being in one at the house we rented this week at the beach, i am pretty excited to try it out! 

Just missing mirrors in the master bath now! Love the lights and they look great with the vanity!

Our room is finished all but the carpet. Fan is in, speakers in place in the ceiling and can lights as well in the ceiling. Feels like you're in a tree house!
Should be in in a month or so possibly! Driveway, landscaping, carpet, mirrors, bath hardware, finish up pool... i think that is all that remains!