Thursday, January 21, 2010

updated pictures

These are from about a week ago. Windows/doors are in (from Integrity). It is starting to come together! Since then, the fireplace box is in, hvac going in, shower valves going in, wires being run.
1st pic is from the creek looking up at the back of the house.
2. Kitchen/dining
3. Living from hall, sliding door to left going out to porch.
4. In hall at top of stairs on 3rd floor, office to right.
5. View from fireplace in living room of stairs, playroom to left, kitchen to right

Monday, January 18, 2010

master bath: closer to decisions...

So i found this tile at Porcelanosa and LOVE IT! I think we may have landed on our master bath tile decision, which i thought would take forever! This tile is supposed to look like bleached wood but it is porcelain and it is 7 inches by 47 inches!! I am pretty excited about it! Hope it works in our bath!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

interior barn doors

I may have posted on this before but decision time is coming! Here are some of the pics I have found on the internet I like, but basically we are doing a track system barn door to close off the playroom which is on your left upon entry to house. It will be a large door, at least 2 panels with another barn door sliding into it to make a corner. It is going to be pretty tricky but awesome if it pulls off! I have no idea where you find this stuff in Chapel Hill/Raleigh NC but hopefully our builder will know.

Appliance decisions here we come...

a quick update ont he house.... it is framed, roofed, windows and doors are in (including the massive sliding ones!) tubs are going in, electrical is being done and plumbing is in process. Cabinet Decision has been made, we are going with Bo the local shop owner who is office is literally a woodshop. I am so pumped about that!! One siding color has been nailed down- Repose grey a sherwin williams color. Leaning towards Grizzle grey as the other. So now it gets nit picky. We have to finalize our kitchen design thus being driven by some appliance decisions. Now yes it would be nice to just put the nicest highest end WOlf/Viking stuff in there, but for one we are on a budget and two, i have read some not so great reviews about both as well as spoken to some owners who aren't thrilled with them. So here is where we are as of now....
Kitchenaid architect series combo oven/microwave convection.
We decided against the bosch dishwasher and are sticking with Kitchenaid, doing their new dishwasher that is quieter and has a 3rd drawer that is really shallow up top for silverware and chef's tools!
Cooktop we are going to go for the Viking designer range.
Fridge will be a samsung counter depth french door unit.
Doing a kitchenaid architect II hood.
We had kitchenaid in our last house and loved it. Stretching on the Viking range so I hope it is a good one!