Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trim, Cabinets, and Doors... OH my!

It is really going fast! I have no idea why we don't move in until june, It looks about ready to me! ha. This week a lot is going on, baseboards, window trim, hardwoods are finished, tile is going in i believe, cabinets, and interior doors! Here are a few updated shots!
1. Guest room and spare bath cabinets in bamboo.
2. Interior flush doors
3. Kitchen cabinets going in, You can see the gray on the sides but it isnt a great picture, all on my phone!
4.Laundry room cabinets in
5. Downstairs kitchennette cabinets in flush maple.
6. Railings and beams on screen porch in. Below the railing will be glass, above will be screen.
We are so excited about moving in! Especially now that we are all 4 in our cozy little two bedroom apartment in a holding pattern until the house is ready!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hardwoods going in...

So the hardwoods were one of our toughest decisions. We went back and forth between the ultra modern clear maple, the rustic modern hickory and then the most durable and lasting and budget friendly white oak. With lots of deliberation, we landed on the white oak. Hardwoods are such an investment and something we don't want to replace in the next 10 years so we figured this would be something that is not as modern but hopefully will be offset with other finishes and fixtures. We have so much light pouring in, we needed durable hardwoods. So here is the beginning of it! And a few more updated pictures. The next to last picture is the ceiling of the screen porch and the last is heading out the door to the back and if you look closely, youll see what this house is all about.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Front Door Color Vote

The front door has arrived! It is HUGE! 9ft by 5 1/2.  So here is a picture of the house on the left.  The flush wood on the left side of the house will stay that stained gray color.  The right siding will be painted a dark gray.  What is your vote on front door color options. So far J votes red, I vote navy and of course we have had votes for Carolina Blue! Any ideas or votes on these colors??

Updated interior

The first picture shows the entry with the flush wood ceiling which will stay that natural color on the ceiling.  The second picture is the stairwell viewed from the master bedroom door.  There will be a bookcase that makes the half wall on the right side of the stairs which will enclose the loft/office. The third picture is the master bedroom.  I accidentally cut out the exposed beams from the picture but there are 4 beams i think. The fourth pic is of the living room. 
It is coming along! We are so excited to move in!  

Friday, March 12, 2010

Upstairs Drywall: Check

So the drywall is going in quick. I won't be surprised if it is finished in the whole house by tomorrow. All ceilings are done, just not main floor or basement walls yet. But here are the kid's rooms. Lights have arrived, tile is on its way, this thing is moving!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tile decisions done!

These two are for the master. The first textured wood look tile will be the bathroom floor and shower walls. The pebbles will be the shower floor. 

This Grey wood look and textured tile will be the floor of the guest bath and kids baths. The kids will have large white matte subway tile surrounds and the guest bath will have this same tile but in white as surround.

And for the laundry room floor is this concrete look alike with a little texture. Surprisingly cheap! My vote was cork but John liked this and i think it will turn out way better this way! He is a wise man! ;)