Saturday, February 27, 2010

Siding is DONE

That didnt take long... It is all finished. Just not painted.  If you notice in the first two pictures, there is flush stained cedar and 4" hardie board.  The 4" siding will be painted dark grey. The flush stained wood, will be pretty much the same color, it is stained a light grey. Also, if you see in the second picture (the first picture is a parapit wall too), this is one of three "parapit" walls, which means the roof is behind the peak of the wall. It is tucked back in there and the top is flashed with Aluminum. It looks pretty good! This week is insulation and drywall being delivered. Ready for our June move in I hope! The security system, speakers, lighting, electrical is all wired. Ready to see this thing come together even more!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

siding going on

So Siding is going on! We are doing 4 inch siding instead of 6, which is a modern spin on a traditional material.  On the front parapit wall and the jut out in the first pic and the back and side parapits it will be flush siding. You can see it just barely in the first pic.  It looks way better than i thought it would! The 4 inch siding will be a dark gray (sherwin williams grizzle gray) and the flush wood will be a light gray (repose gray).