Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking shape

Finally! A footprint of our house is in the ground and starting to take shape. The forms are up and as you can see in the first picture, the concrete is pouring in as we speak! I am so so excited! Even though it looks like a bunker at the moment, it helps me (the non visual one of the two of us) see what it is going to look like a little more than the 2d plans! J and I actually braved the red mud last night and walked all around in it and outside of it! I cannot wait!

On another note, the windows and slider doors are ordered! We went with casements from Integrity by Martin and Sliders by weathershield. We came in about a penny under budget so that is good too! That is my goal in this project. I have watched so many HGTV home reno's where they go 10, 20 50K$ over budget! Are you crazy? Not this project! can't wait to see the framing start!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Front Door

So I really want a cool front door, it is the first experience of the home moving from the outside in so it should make a statement I think. Now, we don't want to go with the cold/modern/steel doors like the gorgeous ones from Neoporte. They are a little tooo modern for me, and not to mention almost $10K!! Here are some pics of ones I like. What do you think? How do you go about getting doors like these???

The Glass house

So until I met with the window guy I didn't quite grasp the amount of windows in this house! In our current rental home, I am sitting on the couch (there are some windows behind me) but from where i sit right now I can see NO windows looking into the foyer or kitchen. It is going to be culture shock when we move in. There is pretty much windows on most walls in the home. And I am not just talking windows, I am talking 6 foot windows, 9 foot windows, and 1 foot sliding glass doors. I might have to start calling it the glass house! That is J's dream, I am adjusting to it! Ha. I always tell J that I am not good at looking at 2D plans, I need 3 d pictures, well it appeared so when the window guy was like ok and for these 9 foot windows? I was like wait, 9 feet of windows? WOW! So I learned a few things, 1. I am about to live in a fishbowl 2. we will have great views of the trees. 3. I cannot understand scale in regards to plans. 4. I need to start saving for blinds :)

In other news, the house is totally gone, it is a huge dirt hole that is all leveled out at the bottom. The well is being dug this week and several trees were taken down and it really opens up things a lot (while still keeping a 360degree view of trees.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

and the walls came tumbling down....

the long awaited demo! We went out to the property today hoping to see them widening the drive so that the trucks could start coming in but we found this! Within about 30 minutes most of the top floor of the split level and kitch/dining/living was in a heap. Pretty awesome to watch!