Wednesday, July 14, 2010

30 days out!

i believe we are finally 30 days out! Some pool/landscaping delayed the driveway pour which delays getting the Certificate of Occupancy (CO). But now we are back on go. The kitchen cabinets are all in and the pool only lacks the spray on coating. The rock wall is finished. John and a dear friend worked tirelessly on the grading, digging trenches, french drains, boulder placement, rock steps, etc. It saved us at least 10-15,000! Our landscaper friend told us he would typically charge 20,000$ for the job they did, and we squeaked out with just wholesale cost for trees/rocks. We owe him big! Our apartment is brimming with little things we need in order to move in... shower curtains, mats, curtain rods, curtains, rugs, etc. cant wait!

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