Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lights, appliances, paint... oh my!

 The lights are in and appliances (all but fridge) are in as well. We may end up having the pendant lights moved, they are more over the sink than the bar, but we will see what that damage would be if so! Otherwise, i think they'll be fine where they are!

 Barn doors are in the playroom. Yet to be painted orange though.. but looking awesome! Our architect and door guy did awesome creating a divot at the bottom of the door so it wont smash the baseboard or hit the wall.  Good move with two little ones in there!Fans and can lights are in. We went with no light on the fan and 4 inch cans (also called 3 1/2's apparently) instead of the standard 6. I think due to our aversion to overhead lighting and not a huge need for it in this room as you can see! 
The railings looks better than i had hoped! They are painted steel, a dark grey (cyberspace Sherwin williams) to match the interior doors. 

Still dusty but the shower heads are in. J went a little overboard with the two back sprayers and two rain heads but after being in one at the house we rented this week at the beach, i am pretty excited to try it out! 

Just missing mirrors in the master bath now! Love the lights and they look great with the vanity!

Our room is finished all but the carpet. Fan is in, speakers in place in the ceiling and can lights as well in the ceiling. Feels like you're in a tree house!
Should be in in a month or so possibly! Driveway, landscaping, carpet, mirrors, bath hardware, finish up pool... i think that is all that remains!

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  1. where did you get the barn door and hardware?