Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bumped back...

well we got bumped out another 4 or 5 weeks.  The pool guy isn't quite hitting the deadlines he said he would which has delayed driveway and fencing which has delayed final permits so they can start cleaning and punch lists. Bummer. But we will be in soon enough!!
Here are some updated pics...
1. Carpet is in, door knobs are on, alarm system is installed, mirrors are in, shower door is in. Its looking good in there!
2. as you can see in the distance (master closet) the door knobs are on!
3. J and a good friend who is an awesome landscaper worked tirelessly last week for 3 days putting in 10 trees (at cost yay) in the side yard. The rocks are what was broken up from under the foundation of the house. Bobcats, blisters, augers, and a little sweat equity goes a long way!
4. Pool concrete decking is being poured tomorrow so we can finally get things moving some more!

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